Spectacular in stunning surroundings
Our priority is not to the fastest possible transport from A to Z, but to give you an unforgettable Arctic experience
She dances over the Arctic night sky
when she finds it desirable,
and she disappears as quickly as she turned up...

Discover «the Eight Wonder of the World» by Arctic Train

Arctic Train offers one of the world’s most incredible train journeys. Hundred years ago, the line was described as “the Eighth Wonder of the World” by the author Ernst Didring. Having experienced this spectacular train journey, you will understand why.

The 42-kilometre train ride along Norway’s northernmost railway line, the legendary Ofoten Railway, takes you from Narvik by the fjord to the barren mountain plateau by the Swedish border. Travelling through a historical, beautiful and wild landscape with mighty mountain peaks and cascading waterfalls, you will be blessed with a jaw-dropping view over the Arctic fjord. To make sure you get the most out of your trip, the train makes several stops along the way.

Our priority is not to provide the fastest possible transport from A to Z, but to give you an unforgettable Arctic experience. While you are enjoying the view from one of the train’s 270 comfortable seats, you can pick tasty snacks and drinks from the menu. The train is also adapted for disabled people, with wheelchair ramps.

Travveling trough a
historical, beautiful and wild landscape

Modern storytelling

It is not only the scenery surrounding the trainline that is dramatic. The historic events connected to the construction of the railway at the end of the 19th century and the war actions in 1940 creates a dramatic backdrop for the Arctic Train experience.

The Ofoten Railway was built to ensure access to an ice-free port of export for the rich iron ore deposits in Northern Sweden. The construction period lasted from the late 1800s to a few years into the next century and faced extreme challenges in terms of climate and logistics. At the most, more than 5,000 people were involved in the construction of the railway line. Traveling workers, so-called navvies, sought the happiness of what appeared to be a European «Klondyke». The myths and legend stories about the navvy culture are colourful and exciting.
During World War II, the Ofoten Railway was again brought into the centre of history. As an export route for Europe’s largest and most important iron ore deposits, the railway line was important to control. A large part of the warfare during the Battle of Narvik therefore took place in the immediate vicinity of the railway. An automatic guide system ensures you get involved in the exciting history.

Our spectacular Arctic playground

The stunning train ride takes you over seven bridges, through 23 tunnels and past five stations. Within an hour, the Arctic Train crosses the Swedish border, more than 500 metres above sea level, and arrives at Riksgränsen Station.

Riksgränsen and Katterat are important activity hubs in our Arctic playground. During the summer and autumn months you can top up an already eventful train ride with a guided hiking tour along the Navvy Road, mountain biking or kayaking. From February to May you can pick activities like dog sledding, snowmobile safaris and ice climbing from our Arctic adventure menu.
If you are ready to give yourself a skiing experience of a lifetime, we recommend the spectacular combination of helicopter and skis. From Riksgränsen you are welcome to enjoy a heli-ski area of 5,000 square kilometres, with more than hundred peaks. No wonder this area is considered one of the best ones in Europe for heli-skiing. The options are also very good for those who prefer lift-based skiing. Northern Scandinavia’s three largest ski resorts; Narvikfjellet, Riksgränsen and Björkliden, are all located close to the railway line.
Aurora Borealis Experience by Arctic Train

Should your dream bear the name Aurora Borealis, we offer you an opportunity to improve your chances of meeting her. The areas around the Ofoten Railway is considered some of the best in the world for Northern Lights hunting. In other words, your chances for a date with Miss Aurora Borealis are quite good on board the Arctic Train.

However, you should be aware that she rarely keeps promises or appointments. She dances over the Arctic night sky when she finds it desirable, and she often disappears as quickly as she turned up. From October to March the conditions are at its best to see the northern lights. During this period, we run our own Northern Lights Train three times a week. The train takes you out of reach of light pollution from the city and into natural Arctic light. The railway line winds its way through steep mountainous terrain high above the fjord, all the way up to the Swedish border more than 500 metres above sea level.

On board the train the guide selects the best stops along the way, in search of the northern lights. If the weather is cloudy in Narvik, there are usually great opportunities for clearing close to the border, and vice versa.
If the unpredictable Miss Aurora chooses not to show up at all, you will nevertheless experience an unforgettable train journey with lots of exiting photo objects under the Arctic sky.