The Ofoten Railway

The 42-kilometre train ride along Norway’s northernmost railway line, the legendary Ofoten Railway, takes you from Narvik by the fjord to the barren mountain plateau by the Swedish border.

Travelling through a historical, beautiful and wild landscape with mighty mountain peaks and cascading waterfalls, you will be blessed with a jaw-dropping view over the Arctic fjord. To make sure you get the most out of your trip, the train makes several stops along the way.

It is not only the scenery surrounding the trainline that is dramatic. The historic events connected to the construction of the railway at the end of the 19th century and the war actions in 1940 creates a dramatic backdrop for the Arctic Train experience.

The Ofoten Railway was built to ensure access to an ice-free port of export for the rich iron ore deposits in Northern Sweden. The construction period lasted from the late 1800s to a few years into the next century and faced extreme challenges in terms of climate and logistics. At the most, more than 5,000 people were involved in the construction of the railway line. Traveling workers, so-called navvies, sought the happiness of what appeared to be a European «Klondyke». The myths and legend stories about the navvy culture are colourful and exciting.

During World War II, the Ofoten Railway was again brought into the centre of history. As an export route for Europe’s largest and most important iron ore deposits, the railway line was important to control. A large part of the warfare during the Battle of Narvik therefore took place in the immediate vicinity of the railway. An automatic guide system ensures you get involved in the exciting history.


  • Opened: 1902
  • Length: 43km
  • Start: Narvik Harbor
  • End: Riksgränsen
  • Stations: 5