Hiking across Norway

This adventure package is like a Kinder Egg. It gives you the opportunity to experience both the legendary Ofoten Railway and the old Navvy Road. In addition, afterwards you can be proud of the fact that you have hiked all the way across Norway.

Leaving the train at Riksgränsen Station, you can look forward to an incredibly beautiful, about 16 kilometres long easy ramble from the barren mountain plateau by the Swedish border to the Ofoten Fjord. The old supply road, known as the Navvy Road, was built in the late 1800s in connection with the construction of the Ofoten Railway between Kiruna and Narvik. The trail is in good condition and suitable for trips both on foot and by bike. In 1997 the Navvy Road was voted Norway’s best open-air area.
A local guide will join you on this amazing journey, telling you the story behind the road, the railway and the mythical navvy culture. The trail ends up in Rombaksbotn, where a small village grew during the construction of the railway. The settlement does not exist anymore, but the area still offers beautiful scenery and a fascinating cultural heritage. Maritime transport back to Narvik ensures an unforgettable end to this astonishing Arctic excursion.