In the footsteps of the navvies

Join for an unforgettable journey in the footsteps of the railroad navvies, from Katterat to Rombaksbotn. Hiking along the historical Rallarveien (the Navvy Road) you will be blessed with a jaw-dropping view over a narrow valley with cascading waterfalls and mighty mountain peaks rising on both sides.

Before hiking in the navvie’s footsteps, it is a must to experience the entire railway line from Narvik to Riksgränsen. Therefore you will depart at Katterat Station on the return journey from Riksgränsen to Narvik. Katterat is an important hub for our activities. The station is located in scenic surroundings, with no access other than by train or on foot. Having watched a a short film about the place and visited a small museum with railway-historical artifacts, you will meet a local guide who will follow you along the Navvy Road.

To be able to build a railway through the Swedish-Norwegian mountains, supply roads were needed. Horse-drawn carts carried tools, building materials and provisions necessary for the gigantic railway construction. The supply road from Katterat to Rombaksbotn was finished in the late 1800s. The guide will tell you the story behind the road, the railway and the mythical navvy culture. The Navvy Road ends up in Rombaksbotn, where a small village grew during the construction of the railway. The settlement does not exist anymore, but the area still offers beautiful scenery and a fascinating cultural heritage.
Maritime transport all the way back to Narvik ensures an unforgettable end to this astonishing Arctic excursion.