Northern Lights Train


Join an exciting Northern Lights chase on board the Northern Lights Train! Far up in the mountains, away from the bright city lights, you have a great chance of catching the Green Lady dancing in the sky. The first stop on the journey is Bjørnfjell, by the Swedish border. In this area there are many historic events connected to the Second World War. After a short stop, the journey continues to Katterat Station, 374 meters above sea level.

We'll get off the train and set off on a hike to search of the Northern Lights. When the sky is dark and clear, we will have a good chance of spotting the beautiful lights shining in the sky. Throughout the trip the guides will share exciting stories, both on and off the train. We also serve baked goods and something warm to drink while we relax around the bonfire.

Remember to pack warm clothes and a camera before joining this exciting Northern Lights chase along the tracks.

Time and meeting place:

  • 18:00 Narvik Railway Station
  • 18:50 Train departure
  • 22:50 Arrival Narvik Railway Station

Meeting place

Northern Lights Train

Travel along the the Ofot Line and search for the Northern Lights. Far away from the city lights, the Northern Lights Train offers excellent opportunities to see the beautiful lights dancing in the sky.



Meeting time and place

Narvik Railway Station 18:00


4 hrs


Train ticket


Warm drinks and snack

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